Applying to CSS

At CSS, you'll become part of a team that’s shaping the future of healthcare. You'll enjoy plenty of freedom and a positive workplace culture – with lots of opportunities in store.


Application process

The CSS Group works with a professional applicant management platform. You can personalise your online application by uploading your CV, a cover letter describing your motivation and further documents, including your certificates and references.

We give all applications careful consideration. If you make it through to the shortlist, we’ll invite you to a first interview. 


First interview

The first interview is usually conducted by an HR specialist and the line manager in question. The aim is to get to know one another: do you fit in at CSS, and can we offer you the responsibilities and the workplace environment you are looking for? During the interview, you will be given the chance to talk about your previous experience. We generally finish by asking about your salary expectations and carry out any assessments required for the position.


Second interview

If we invite you back for a second interview, we will discuss your specific specialist expertise in detail and answer any other questions you may have. You will also get to find out more about the job and our employment conditions. You may even be introduced to the team. After the second round of interviews, we ask for references.

Three tips on the best way to prepare for the interview

Be prepared
Good preparation is the foundation for a successful interview. What motivates you to work in this particular job? Why are you suited to this position? What would you like to know by the end of the interview? What is important to you? Find out about CSS.
Show what makes you unique
Be honest, be natural and, above all, be yourself. This is the only way for both of us to find out whether you fit in with us and we fit in with you. Think about all the experience that you have already gained, about personal challenges, and special moments in your career. Tell us about them!
Ask relevant questions
The interview is supposed to be a two-way conversation. Take advantage of this opportunity and open up to your interviewers. And don't miss out on the opportunity to learn as much as possible by asking questions.

Our Recruitment team

Marianne Bauer
Marianne Bauer, Head of Sourcing

Fundamentally rethinking recruitment is important to me.

Rita Schaller
Rita Schaller, Recruiting Partner

The informal culture at CSS makes it easy to exchange views as equals across all levels.

Dominique Gabriel
Dominique Gabriel, Recruiting Partner

I find getting to know new, curious people with their own unique personalities endlessly fascinating.

Manuel Waldisberger
Manuel Waldisberg, Recruiting Partner

There's nothing more important than being authentic when dealing with people.

Denise Zabkar
Denise Zabkar, Recruiting Partner

I value the particularly open and straightforward culture.

Marion Lochbihler, Recruiting Partner

I like partnering with others to create a supportive space that allows everyone to show what they can do.

Chantal Hügli
Chantal Hügli, HR Sourcing and Projects

I really like having variety in the work I do.

Sarah Sonderegger
Sarah Sonderegger, HR Consultant

I'm glad to have been a member of the CSS team for 6½ years now.

Giulia Roth
Giulia Roth, HR Marketing

CSS offers me a great deal of variety in my day-to-day work and regularly presents me with new challenges.

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