Monitor your cough at night with an app


Do you have a cough or suffer from a chronic respiratory disease? The myCough app from Resmonics monitors your cough at night and helps you assess whether a medical consultation is necessary. Take part in the pilot now, free of charge.

Use myCough to better assess a cough

We have developed the myCough app in collaboration with the Swiss start-up Resmonics. The app-based solution enables your cough to be monitored on a contactless and automatic basis while you sleep. It analyses the nocturnal soundscape and determines whether and how often you cough during the night. The next day you receive a de­tailed evaluation to help you assess whether a medical consultation is necessary.

Advantages of myCough

  • Better assessment and man­age­ment of your own cough.
  • Assistance in deciding about a possible medical consultation.
  • Free and unlimited use for all users during the pilot phase.
  • Helpful information on the subject of coughs.

Take part in the pilot now free of charge

In collaboration with Resmonics, we are conducting a pilot of the app. This will enable us to gather insights for the further application of the solution.

The app is also available to non-CSS clients free of charge and without restriction during the pilot phase:

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