Shift from inpatient to outpatient

CSS Insurance welcomes the greater shift among service providers from inpatient towards outpatient treatment. Inpatient volumes in Switzerland are too high, as is shown by OECD comparisons. In 2017, various cantons began to define services that may only be provided on an outpatient basis from now on. Outpatient service lists of this kind are set to be used by more and more cantons. At the same time, the Confederation has drawn up its own list of outpatient services, which stipulates six groups of medical procedures that may henceforth (as of 1 January 2019) be carried out on an outpatient basis only, unless there are special reasons that dictate otherwise.  

CSS Insurance takes a critical view of cantonal lists, owing in part to their lack of uniformity and inclusion of services which could end up proving expensive for premium payers. Instead, CSS is in favour of the standardised national list and would be happy to see further services added if need be, provided this does not generate additional costs for premium payers.

CSS Insurance also emphasizes the importance of adjusting the financing mechanism (EFAS). Only once EFAS has been introduced can the full potential for switching volumes be exploited and the list expanded to include all the services that can reasonably be provided on an outpatient basis.