Geschäftsbericht CSS Gruppe

Annual Report

Would you like to gain an overview of the past financial year, our strategy and how the CSS Group performed? Our annual includes the latest figures and info on the company’s economic, social and environmental performance.

2019 Annual Report (in German)

CSS 2019 Annual Report – CSS remains market leader

CSS closed the 2019 financial year successfully with a net result of CHF 205.1 million. With around 1.385 million clients for basic insurance as at 1 January 2020, CSS has consolidated its leading market position.

The 2019 Annual Report once again showcases CSS's role as health partner as well as its digital competence and innovative spirit. For example, it takes a look at the newly launched service that supports clients in their efforts to stay healthy by providing them with preventive care recommendations. Another talking point is the new alternative insurance model, Multimed, with which CSS is paving the way for digitally supported, integrated care. The annual report also features the story of a CSS employee who helps clients cope with difficult health situations as part of the Care Management service.


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