New health initiative from CSS

Often the will may be there, but the implementation is lacking. What is good for me? How do I go about it? And what does it cost? From October 2020, the health initiative from CSS has two answers: enjoy365 and active365. These platforms pack a punch. Carefully chosen, attractive offers are designed to help CSS clients lead a healthy lifestyle. And everyone who adopts a healthy lifestyle will be rewarded.

Committed to your health

Being healthy, becoming healthy or living better with illness: we will stay by your side in every situation in life. To promote good health, the Swiss-wide health initiative of CSS supports “being healthy”. Because those who have problems with their health know exactly how valuable good health is, while those who don’t have any complaints often neglect making sure that they stay healthy. This is why we as your health partner support you with our enjoy365 and active365 platforms. For a healthy lifestyle, 365 days of the year.

enjoy365 platform

enjoy365 offers high-quality, health-related products at special conditions – and in some cases, as incredible deals that are available for a limited time only. All the products are of the highest quality, with "Swiss made" and sustainability criteria important for their inclusion in the range. enjoy365 replaces the current CSS client club. New offers are waiting to be discovered on the platform by all CSS clients, alongside already familiar ones from the old client club. enjoy365 gives CSS clients with supplementary insurance access to an even wider range of goods and guarantees them a great CSS client experience – from order to delivery. What's more, members of the CSS Association enjoy an additional discount.

active365 bonus programme

active365 conveys knowledge and motivates users to lead a healthy lifestyle. Healthy habits in relation to eating, exercise, mindfulness and mental health are rewarded with points. The platform is available to all clients. CSS clients with supplementary insurance can redeem the points they collect at enjoy365, have them paid out or donate them to a good cause.