Integrated care

Promoting integrated care is a key concern of CSS Insurance. Integrated care aims to create binding rules for the management of patients throughout their entire course of treatment, thus optimising the quality of treatment and achieving savings in service costs. The customer benefits from better quality and lower costs, which are achieved through efficient treatment. Implementing the fine-tuned system of risk adjustment will strengthen the incentives to promote integrated care models. CSS Insurance sees the introduction of a uniform system of financing for outpatient and inpatient services (EFAS) as a further way in which to promote integrated care, along with the relaxation of the obligation to contract proposed by the group of experts appointed by the Federal Council to recommend measures for reining in the rising costs under mandatory healthcare insurance. Such a system would allow additional discounts to be offered for integrated care models, thus making them more attractive. By increasing service providers’ motivation to take part in integrated care models, the relaxation of the obligation to contract, on the other hand, would allow the growing demand for models of this kind to be met by appropriate services. Conversely, the law must not arrive at too narrow a definition of integrated care as this could hinder the implementation of innovative ideas.

CSS's integrated care offering includes alternative forms of insurance and a variety of programmes and services.