Intras is a CSS-owned provider of low-cost basic insurance models. It offers the same services as CSS Insurance, such as the myCSS client portal.

Subsidiary of the CSS Group: Intras

What Intras offers

  • Low-cost basic insurance.
  • Identical benefits to all other basic insurers – as prescribed by the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG).
  • Same services as CSS Insurance and Arcosana – such as the myCSS client portal.

Basic and supplementary insurance at a glance

Further details about Intras

  • Our customers are satisfied: independent client surveys confirm that we are on the right track. Comparis has given Intras a rating of 5.0.
  • The company was created in 1964 in Geneva from three private insurance companies: Genfer, La Suisse, and Vaudoise. Its first branch in German-speaking Switzerland opened in 1967, followed by nationwide expansion from 1995 onwards. Intras has been part of the CSS Group since 2008.