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Sanagate and CSS are moving closer together

Sanagate is a health insurance company in the CSS Group. With CSS, you get comprehensive insurance cover, personal service and attractive offers.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are Sanagate and CSS merging?

Sanagate has been part of the CSS Group ever since it was founded. But in future, Sanagate and CSS will collaborate even more closely. This affects consultations at our network of agencies, Client Services, benefit statements and our IT, for example. The merger will allow you, the client, to benefit from the strengths of CSS, while we can continue to offer attractive premiums.

Will my premium change following the merger?

No, your premium for the current year will not change due to the merger. By moving closer together, we can work even more efficiently and thus keep administration costs low. Which means premiums will stay attractive for you in future too. As always, premium adjustments for next year will be announced in autumn following the usual processes. Premiums mainly change in line with the trend in healthcare costs in Switzerland.

Where can I get information about the merger of Sanagate and CSS?

If you have specific questions about the merger, you can call the dedicated helpline on 0800 277 000.

Where can I get information about myGuide (formerly PocketDoc)?

If you have any questions about myGuide, please contact us on 0844 277 397.

What number can I reach Medgate on?

To get through to Medgate directly, you should now call +41 58 277 77 77.

I have a question about my insurance. How do I reach Customer Support?

You can reach our Customer Support team on 0844 277 277.

How can I get in touch with my own personal client advisor?

You’ll find your personal client advisor’s details in your client portal from 5 August. If you don’t have access to the client portal, please give our Contact Centre a call on 0844 277 277.

Do I need to contact my own personal client advisor first every time I have a query?

No. Your personal client advisor is available to you as and when needed.

If you have a login for the client portal, you can continue to submit your queries and requests as usual via myCSS.

If you don’t have access to the client portal, you can reach us by emailing or by phoning 0844 277 277.

Will I be given a new client number following the merger?

It is possible that you will be allocated a new client number. If so, you will receive it along with your insurance card by mid-August at the latest. But don’t worry: you don’t need the client number when you go to see a doctor, and the old insurance card remains valid until you receive the new one.

Will I receive a new policy following the merger?

There will be no change to your insurance cover or the level of your premium because of the merger between Sanagate and CSS. In other words, your current policy, i.e. your insurance contract, remains valid throughout 2020. You’ll receive the new policy for next year in October as usual.

I’ve been told that I’m to receive a new insurance card. When will I get it?

The new insurance card will be sent to you in mid-August by post. You’ll be able to see the insurance card in the myCSS client portal as soon as it has been dispatched. Once you’ve received it, please start using this new card and destroy the old one.

I’ve received a second insurance card. Which card is valid?

The card that you received in mid-August is the valid insurance card. You can also see which is the current card by looking in myCSS.

Will I now only get one premium / benefit statement? Why am I still receiving two bills even though Sanagate and CSS have now merged?

If you have taken out both basic and supplementary insurance within the CSS Group (CSS, Arcosana, Intras and Sanagate), you will continue to receive separate bills up until the end of the year. From the start of next year, the process will be simplified and you’ll find all the details clearly laid out on a single bill.

Do I have to resend all the refund forms that I submitted before 3 August 2020?

No, you don’t have to resubmit any bills you’ve already sent either by post or digitally.

Can I also use the CSS myStep programme?

myStep is available to you only if you have the corresponding supplementary insurance with CSS.

Can I still use PocketDoc?

PocketDoc is now called myGuide. The functionalities of myGuide are exactly the same as those of PocketDoc – the only thing that’s different is the name, and you can continue to use the service as before. What’s more, the myGuide app comes with additional integrated services like online sleep training, skin checks and preventive care recommendations, etc.

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