myCough app pilot. Monitor your cough at night with an app

myCough app

Do you have a cough or suffer from a chronic respiratory disease? The myCough app from Resmonics monitors your cough at night and helps you assess whether a medical consultation is necessary. Take part in the pilot now free of charge.

Good to know

In collaboration with Resmonics, we are conducting a pilot of the app. This will enable us to gather in­sights for the further application of the solution.
For everyone
The app is also available to non-CSS clients free of charge and without restriction during the pilot phase.
Data protection
Your privacy is important to us. You will have control over the data collected by myCough at all times. This data is not available to CSS.
No diagnosis
The app doesn't make a di­ag­no­sis and doesn't issue any in­struc­tions on what action to take. The parameters it records may help you to decide whether a medical consultation is necessary.
Developed by experts
The technology behind myCough was developed by specialists in Switzerland. All content is based on the latest research findings.

How myCough works

We have developed the myCough app in collaboration with the Swiss start-up Resmonics. The app-based solution enables your cough to be monitored on a contactless and automatic basis while you sleep. It analyses the nocturnal soundscape and determines whether and how often you cough during the night. The next day you receive a detailed evaluation to help you assess whether a medical consultation is necessary.

How you benefit

  • Better assessment and ma­nage­ment of your own cough.
  • Decision support for medical consultations.
  • Free and unlimited use for all users during the pilot phase.
  • Helpful information on the subject of coughs.

Download myCough app

The app is available in German, English and French. Before using it for the first time, you just need to answer a few questions. To record your cough, activate the app and place your smartphone in the bed­room. By the way: the app also works in flight mode.

The myCough app works on smart­pho­nes with iOS 14.0 and Android 7.0 or later operating systems. If you require support, please contact the app developer Resmonics.

After using the app, we will invite you to share your experience with us. Your answers will provide us with important insights for the further application and development of the solution.

Frequently asked questions

Coughing during the day can have many causes and doesn't always have to be medically significant. In the night, how­ever, most healthy people don’t cough. Persistent coughing for several nights can mean that medical treatment is required.

Using the smartphone's microphone, the app uses artificial intelligence to recognise whether sounds are coughs. To learn the acoustic signature of a cough, the system was trained with masses of data from clinical studies.

The app is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about their cough at night. myCough is particularly relevant for people with acute or chronic respi­ra­tory diseases who want an objective assessment of how their cough develops over time.

In order to further develop the app, Resmonics collects the following data: usage data (e.g. frequency of app use), ques­tion­naire data and data on the course of your cough. It is impossible to identify individual persons with this data. This means that you remain anonymous while using the myCough app, unless you decide to provide your contact details in one of the evaluation ques­tion­naires. The data collected will not be forwarded by Resmonics to third parties, including CSS.

The app uses a patented technology to temporarily store short acoustic segments. Although these segments can theoretically contain snippets of conver­sa­tions, they are only processed locally on your smartphone. After the analysis, they will immediately be deleted. No acoustic data is stored or shared in the long term.

Your user and cough history data is stored on your device and on a server in Switzerland. Questionnaire data is stored on a server in Germany. Only Resmonics AG has insight into this data. To analyse the success of the pilot, Resmonics pro­duces a monthly report that summarises the usage data, questionnaire data and cough history data across all users. Resmonics shares this report with CSS. It is impossible to identify individual users on the basis of the report.