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Fitness & exercise

Being fit and feeling good don't mean the same to everybody. Many people like training in a fitness studio, while others prefer doing sport outdoors or at home whenever they have the time. Regardless of your preference, we contribute to a wide range of exercise offers, helping you stay healthy and improving your physical well-being.

Fitness centre subscription

Do you already have a fitness centre subscription or are you thinking about getting one? We contribute to a six-month or one-year subscription to a large number of fitness centres.

If you want to know if your fitness centre is included in our list, please contact us or check in your myCSS client portal.

Health Account – contribution to fitness centre subscription

Doing exercise every day and during your leisure time is rewarded

Taking the stairs instead of the lift, getting off the tram one stop earlier, eating your sandwich outside by the lake rather than at your desk: small changes in behaviour help us to integrate exercise into our daily lives and to live a healthier lifestyle. The myStep bonus programme rewards you for everyday physical activity. 

When hiking, you walk many kilometres – have you noticed before that you take more steps when going on an outing or visiting a museum than you usually do every day? With the CSS Exklusiv client club you can benefit from a wide variety of leisure offers. 

myStep step bonus

Wide variety of exercise classes: yoga, Pilates & co.

Active relaxation promotes good health. From back gymnastics and water fitness to autogenic training – the course offer is just as varied as people's needs. Find the course that suits you. We support you by paying part of the costs.

Have you already found your preferred way of staying fit? If we recognise your provider, we will pay a contribution to the cost. 

If you want to know if your course is supported by CSS, please contact us or check in your myCSS client portal.

Health Account – contribution to courses

A healthy diet is supported

In addition to relaxation and exercise, diet is also an important factor in staying healthy. There are many different reasons for following a healthy diet, ranging from prevention to weight loss and allergies. It's totally irrelevant why you wish to change your diet: old habits have to change and your new diet must be a practical everyday choice. We can help you.

Changing your diet in case of illness: get to know the mycoach nutrition programme.

Health Account – contribution to nutrition counselling

Do you have any questions?

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