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Mother and father baby/child gymnastics, activities for families, etc.

Are you expecting a baby, and would like to benefit from a whole range of additional antenatal benefits? Or do you enjoy spending time with your child at all-age gymnastics classes? We will cover a share of the costs.

Our additional benefits for you: Health Account (family offers)

Contribution* to offers and activities for families

  • Economy: 50%, max. CHF 300 per calendar year
  • Balance: 50%, max. CHF 500 per calendar year
  • Premium: 50%, max. CHF 700 per calendar year

Contribution to costs – the details

We'll provide financial support for offers and activities for families, in accordance with the level of benefits under your Health Account – Economy, Balance or Premium.

The Health Account will cover the cost providing you have not already used up the maximum Health Account allowance in other areas (fitnessexerciseor other).

Where family offers are concerned, we generally support all providers, unless we are aware of reasons not to.

Family offers Recognised providers
Antenatal preparation All providers
Ante-natal gymnastics, post-natal gymnastics All providers
Infant care courses, breastfeeding advice, baby massage All providers
Swimming for babies and toddlers All providers
Parent and child swimming instruction (water familiarisation for children up to the age of 7 as an accident prevention measure, to encourage fine motor skills, coordination and body awareness) All providers
Mother and father baby/child gymnastics All providers
Water familiarisation and swimming for children with respiratory tract problems Swiss Lung League
Acupuncture as birth preparation Midwife or EMR-recognised therapist
Emergencies involving infants Swiss Samaritans
Multi-disciplinary group programme for overweight children and young people Regional providers of the Swiss Adipositas Association for Childhood and Teen Obesity (akj)

Health Account – the idea

People who look after their health deserve support. That is the idea behind the additional benefits that we pay to promote health and prevent illness. This includes financial support for activities in certain defined areas.

Further details on contributions to yoga, nutritional advice, etc.

  • All CSS-recognised providers are easy to find in the benefit check section of the myCSS client portal or myCSS app. Our Contact Centre will also provide the information you need over the phone.
  • Claim your refund: as with every invoice, you can send us your bill by post, or photograph it using the myCSS app and send it in online.

Do you have any questions?

Our client specialists will be happy to answer your questions in person.