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Clubs & season tickets – contribution to membership

Are you a member of a sports club, swim regularly at an indoor or outdoor pool, or to be found scaling your local climbing wall or bouldering course? We will contribute to your active sports club membership, pool season ticket, or climbing or bouldering centre membership. 

Our additional benefits for you: Health Account Bonus

Contribution* to clubs & season tickets

  • 50%, max. CHF 100 per calendar year for sports clubs, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and climbing and bouldering centres
  • CHF 50 every three insured calendar years towards a myStep activity tracker

Contribution to costs – the details

We’ll provide financial support for an annual sports club membership, indoor or outdoor pool season ticket, or climbing or bouldering centre membership of your choice (minimum of three months, no individual entry tickets).

Providing they are eligible, every three years all myStep participants will receive a contribution of CHF 50 towards a myStep-compatible activity tracker.

Health Account Bonus – the idea

People who look after their health deserve support. That is the idea behind the additional benefits that we pay to promote health and prevent illness. The Health Account Bonus is an enhanced version of the Health Account.

Further details on contributions to clubs & season tickets

  • All CSS-recognised providers are easy to find in the benefit check section of the myCSS client portal or myCSS app. Our Contact Centre will also provide the information you need over the phone.
  • Claim your refund: as with every invoice, you can send us your bill by post, or photograph it using the myCSS app and send it in online.

Do you have any questions?

Our client specialists will be happy to answer your questions in person.