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Vaccinate – protect yourself and others

With a vaccination, you not only protect yourself, but also the people around you. A vaccination is a preventive measure and the most effective way to protect yourself against infectious diseases. A vaccination reduces your risk of becoming ill. Every year, the Federal Office of Public Health and an independent panel of experts, the Federal Vaccination Commission (EKIF), publish the Swiss Vaccination Schedule listing the recommended vaccinations for Switzerland, most of which are paid by the basic insurance provided by the health insurer. 

Do you want to know if your vaccinations are up to date? You can consult your doctor or have your vaccination card digitised.

Digital vaccination dossier - always have your vaccination card to hand

Digital vaccination dossier

Do you know where your vaccination card is? And if yes, can you read which vaccinations have been done? Make your life much easier by setting up a digital vaccination dossier with our partner myvaccines.ch. We will assume the costs for the first digitisation.

Are you planning to travel abroad?

Ask the pharmacy or your doctor about the required vaccinations at least four to six weeks before your trip. Depending on your supplementary insurance, CSS Insurance also contributes to the cost.

Flu vaccination – vaccinate at the pharmacy

It will hit Switzerland again in winter – the seasonal flu. Flu can have serious consequences for older people, pregnant women, babies and the chronically ill. Risk groups and the people around them are therefore advised to get a vaccination. The vaccination has to be repeated every year, ideally between mid-October and mid-November. In many cantons, a flu vaccination can be done quickly, safely and easily at the pharmacy.

Further details about vaccination

  • Find out more at vaccination & immunisation. The CSS digital encyclopaedia contains simple explanations of illnesses and their causes and symptoms.

Do you have any questions?

Our client specialists will be happy to answer your questions in person.