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Pharmacies, medication and aids

Whether pills, effervescent tablets or creams, there are a range of remedies available to ease physical complaints. In other situations, medication and medical aids are unavoidable to target pain or make our everyday lives easier. The choice of medication is enormous, and there seems to be a pharmacy on every corner. We’ll help you find the right remedies for you and, where possible, look after your budget too.

Advantages of pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies

Today’s pharmacies are important sources of advice and information. And what's more, you don’t need an appointment, and the opening hours are longer than those of the average doctor’s practice. Mail-order pharmacies are just as practical: you can simply order your medication from home and have it delivered free of charge. 


Medicines & generics

Do you seek your pharmacist’s advice when buying medicines? Or maybe you have a prescription from your doctor? No matter how you come by your medication, it costs money. The system for pricing medicine is highly complex, and whether or not a given medication is covered by your health insurer depends on a number of different factors. Let us show you what to look out for to ease the strain on your budget.

Medical aids

Compression stockings, blood sugar monitors or incontinence supplies. Medical aids are products that you yourself use or that are used on you by someone else. When choosing our partners in this area, we apply the highest quality criteria. You can see here what costs we cover for aids and which providers we recommend.