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Treatment from a doctor

Illnesses don't always progress in the same way, and their symptoms and after-effects are experienced differently from person to person. That is why there is a wide range of treatments and methods available. All of these methods have one thing in common however: you must be able to trust your doctor or therapist – regardless of whether you have opted for conventional or complementary medicine. We will help you to find the right treatment and the right person for you.

As in other areas of life, ‘more’ is not necessarily better where medicine is concerned. The best treatment is one in which the various stages and interventions are well coordinated – no repeating examinations which have already yielded results, and no unnecessary visits to a number of different specialists. Here, it is also important that every medical practitioner who is working to improve your health is aware of the other therapies you are receiving, and takes them into account in their own treatment of you.

Coordinated treatment, as is offered under our alternative insurance models, thus has specific advantages: the first person you contact with any health issue is always the same. They coordinate your treatment, your medical records are all in one place, and overlaps and unnecessary repeat diagnostic procedures or even treatments are avoided. A person you know and trust guides you skilfully through the complexities of our healthcare system.

Are you looking for a doctor?

Have you moved home, or are looking for a new doctor for another reason? Have you opted for Health Maintenance Organisation or Family Doctor Insurance, and would like to know which doctors are local to you?


Alternative treatment methods

Bach Flower Remedies, homeopathy or traditional Chinese medicine? There are good reasons to choose complementary medicine as an add-on or alternative to conventional medicine.  

Complementary medicine

Do you have any questions?

Our medical specialists will be happy to take the time to answer your questions in person.