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CARE4CARDIO® – so you can take an active part in everyday life in spite of your cardiac insufficiency

Physical exertion that feels like the heaviest labour. Getting winded when doing everyday tasks and suffering from a lack of energy. When the heart grows weak, the physical capacity also declines. Good management of this condition can help prevent the deterioration of your health. We support you in this with the CARE4CARDIO® health programme developed by Health Care System Schweiz GmbH (HCSG).

The programme consists of regular telephonic coaching sessions that teach you how to slow down the progression of cardiac insufficiency by adapting your lifestyle. With the additional telemonitoring service, early warning signs can be identified and hospitalisation avoided.

Our offer for you: CARE4CARDIO®

For the time being the offer is only available in German.

Benefits of CARE4CARDIO®

  • Better management of your condition with coaching by a specialist
  • Identification of early warning signs by managing your weight as well as typical symptoms of cardiac insufficiency such as shortness of breath and swollen legs
  • Avoidance of hospitalisation through correct and speedy treatment of early warning signs
  • Free if you have supplementary medical costs insurance with CSS or Intras


Visit the Swiss Heart Foundation to find out if you have the symptoms of cardiac insufficiency. Cardiac insufficiency should not be confused with other conditions such as high blood pressure or a heart attack. You can register by completing and signing the declaration of consent and sending it to our partner HCSG at the address provided on the form. HCSG will then contact you.

More details about the CARE4CARDIO® health programme

  • You will be given an electronic scale and an interactive monitoring device for telemonitoring purposes. This device will ask you five standard questions about typical symptoms of cardiac insufficiency every day.
  • CARE4CARDIO® does not replace your doctor, but effectively complements his treatment.
  • Find out more about cardiac insufficiency. The CSS health encyclopaedia contains simple explanations of illnesses and their causes and symptoms.

Do you have any questions?

Our specialists, the CSS health coaches, will be happy to answer your questions in person.