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Care Management

Are you currently facing a difficult and complex health situation? Do you have any questions about your treatment or receiving care at home? Our Care Management service gives you the support you need and provides you with your very own contact person. We work closely with you, your family members and the service providers to address your situation and find the best solution when it comes to treatment and care at home. Furthermore, your personal point of contact will assist you with all administrative matters. Responsibility for any medical treatment always rests with your doctor.

Our offer for you: Care Management

Advantages of Care Management

  • Free for all persons insured with CSS
  • Access to your very own professional contact
  • Finds the best possible solutions regarding treatment, care and aids
  • Coordinates every step of your treatment with those involved (doctors, specialists and therapists)

Are you interested?

Register for our Care Management service. We’ll then decide whether this is a viable option for you. Once your acceptance has been confirmed, an appointment will be arranged for you to speak to your personal contact.

Do you have any questions?

Our medical specialists will be happy to take the time to answer your questions in person.