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Being ill is an out-of-the-ordinary situation that can throw us off our stride. In more serious cases, we have to rely on the advice and expertise of professionals. Naturally enough, even when we receive good advice, we can still be left with uncertainties or questions about the proposed treatment – after all, our health is our greatest asset. In most cases, a deeper understanding of the disease or condition can help us to overcome any feelings of uncertainty or even helplessness. Information about the illness, the recommended treatment method or the right hospital can be of great assistance. Take the time to get all the information you need. We can help you.

Check symptoms

Would you like to know more about a particular disease or disorder, including what causes it and what the symptoms are? The digital health encyclopaedia, compiled by medical experts, has all the information you need. Our myGuide digital guide goes one step further, giving you a recommendation as to whether or not you should go to the doctor, pharmacy or hospital, based on your symptoms.

Compare and decide

An operation raises questions: Is it the best option, or are there alternatives? What hospital is good for this particular procedure? We can help with these decisions: compare hospitals or use the neutral Second Opinion service. You’ll gain more certainty and have an easier choice.