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Second opinion

Has a doctor recommended an operation, but you are not sure whether this particular procedure is really the best option or whether there might be meaningful alternatives? If you’re planning to have an operation, we can offer you the chance to get a second medical opinion for free. This means that another impartial doctor not involved in the case will assess your medical situation. This neutral assessment may help you to decide for or against the operation and find out whether or not it is worth discussing alternative treatment methods with your doctor.

Our offer for you: Second opinion

Advantages of a second opinion

  • You can be sure that you are making the right decision
  • You can identify alternative treatment options
  • Neutrality (the doctor offering the second opinion does not administer treatment)
  • Your situation will be assessed by a proven specialist
  • It’s free if you have supplementary medical costs insurance with CSS or Intras

Are you interested?

We offer the second opinion service online. This takes 10 days and can be used for operations in the field of orthopaedics or vascular and abdominal disease, as well as neurosurgery and cardiac surgery. Please note that a second opinion is only suitable for planned operations and not for emergency surgery.

Alternative to online second opinion

We offer alternatives to the online second opinion: you can arrange to get a second opinion yourself or ask us to coordinate it for you. If you already know that an operation is necessary, we recommend our preparing for surgery service.

Letting us coordinate a second opinion for you

When you ask us to coordinate a second opinion, we’ll arrange a doctor’s appointment for you. A second opinion can be sought in all fields of medical practice (except oncology) and takes around 6-8 weeks.

Arranging a second opinion yourself

After consulting with us on 0844 277 277, you can go ahead and organise a second opinion yourself: Arrange an appointment with a doctor of your choice and then notify us accordingly. A second opinion can be sought for operations in all fields of medical practice (except oncology).