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CSS Insurance

About your insurance

Submitting invoices or reporting an accident – it couldn't be easier.

Sending invoices

Do you have a bill for reimbursement? You can send it to us by post or simply submit it via the myCSS client portal.

Checking invoices & understanding your statements

By carefully checking each medical bill that you receive, you can help to avoid unnecessary costs – and have a positive effect on your premiums. We'll show you how, and also help you to understand your CSS benefit statement.

Pregnant? Pregnant!

As an expectant mother, you’ll face lots of questions during a pregnancy: What do you have to tell your health insurer? What examinations do you need to have and what medication does it make sense for you to take?

Pregnancy & maternity

Paying premiums – your three options

Direct debit (LSV) / Debit Direct (DD)

Direct debit is the practical and convenient way to pay. The correct amount is always taken from your account punctually on the due date.

E-billing: save time and paper

E-bills are sent to you electronically via e-banking instead of being delivered by post to your letter box. With a few clicks, you can check the e-bill in your e-banking system, save it as a PDF and approve the payment slip – which already has all the details entered – for payment. Bills are transmitted securely and if you object to an e-bill you can reject it without problems.

Payment slip / e-banking

You can also make payments at a post office counter or via e-banking using a payment slip.
Please always use the original payment slip, and make sure you have the correct reference number and exact amount. This enables us to match your payment to the right bill. We will be happy to send you a new payment slip if the first one has been lost.