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CSS Insurance

Submitting invoices

Do you have a bill that you would like to submit to CSS Insurance, Arcosana or Intras? Getting the costs reimbursed is really easy. Send the refund form to the following address or submit it conveniently in digital form via the myCSS client portal.

CSS Insurance
P.O. Box 2550
6002 Lucerne

Barcode stickers no longer needed

Submitting invoices to us is even more straightforward than before: from now on, you can send them to us without a barcode sticker. All we need to enter the benefits properly is your client information on the bill.

You can submit your bills easily online

Sending your medical bills to CSS by post is a thing of the past. You can now scan them with the myCSS app and submit them directly online.

Checking invoices & understanding your statements

By carefully checking each medical bill that you receive, you can help to avoid unnecessary costs – and have a positive effect on your premiums. We'll show you how, and also help you to understand your CSS benefit statement.