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CSS Insurance

Payment options – your choice

As a rule, you receive a premium statement from us every month (change your payment method). This statement is sent to you by post or electronically directly in the myCSS client portal.

We offer you three different payment options. We recommend the practical direct debit procedure, as this saves you time.

Payment slip

You receive the statement and payment slip in your letter box and can pay the invoice at a post office counter or via e-banking. All our clients who take advantage of the benefits offered by the myCSS client portal receive their statements electronically in their myCSS account. This should not be confused with the e-bill, for which you do not need to log in to myCSS.

Avoid reminders: To enable us to immediately allocate the payment to your client account, we would ask to you always use the original payment slip (or the correct reference number for e-banking). This enables us to match your payment to the right invoice.


E-bills are sent to you directly in your e-banking portal. If you choose the electronic option, you will no longer receive paper invoices in your letter box. With a few clicks, you can check the e-bill in your e-banking system and easily approve it for payment. There is no need to type in the invoice amount or reference number. As with a paper invoice, you can determine the date of payment and reject the invoice if you have a complaint.

Details on e-billing

Direct debit (LSV) / Debit Direct (DD)

Direct debit is the practical and convenient way to pay. You authorise the CSS Group (CSS Insurance, Arcosana, Intras) and your bank or Postfinance to make the payments on time. The correct amount is always taken from your account punctually on the due date. There's nothing for you to do – you'll see the debit on your account statement and can lodge a complaint at any time.