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CSS Insurance

E-billing: save time and paper

Persons insured with CSS who use e-banking can now save time and conveniently pay by e-bill.

What is e-billing?

E-bills are sent electronically via e-banking instead of being delivered by post to your letter box. With a few clicks, the e-bill can be checked and saved as a PDF to your computer, and the payment slip – which already has all the details entered – can be approved for payment. So there's no longer any need to type in the reference numbers and invoice amounts. With e-billing, you remain in full control at all times. Bills are transmitted securely and if you object to an e-bill you can reject it with a click of the mouse.

Which CSS Group providers offer e-billing?

All providers in the CSS Group offer e-billing; clients that have products with a number of different providers therefore need to register separately for each provider:

  • CSS Insurance
  • Arcosana
  • Intras

Registration for e-billing (only premium payer)

Here's how it works:

  1. Log on to e-banking
  2. Activate the e-bill service («e-bill» menu option)
  3. Register with the biller (CSS Insurance, Arcosana or Intras)

What happens following registration?

If your registration is successful, depending on the timing you may still receive an invoice on paper. In this case, please pay this bill with the original payment method. At the latest, the next-but-one premium invoice will be sent to you automatically as an e-bill.

What happens if you have taken out more than one product with CSS, e.g. health insurance and household insurance?

All products under the given client number will be switched to e-billing. If you don’t want to switch all invoices from CSS to e-billing, please contact us following registration on 0844 277 277.

What happens if you register with another bank for e-billing?

In this case all e-bills for premiums and/or co-payments (in accordance with your choice at the time of registration) will be sent to the newly registered bank.

What happens if you fail to pay the e-bill on time?

As is the case with a paper invoice, you will receive a reminder by post once the payment deadline has expired.

Should you fail to pay or reject the e-bill twice in a row, we will automatically send you paper invoices again.