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Mandatory health insurance: Basic insurance

Basic insurance is mandatory for everyone who is resident in Switzerland. It provides cover for the statutory basic benefits in case of illness, accident and maternity. You can choose between five different models of mandatory health insurance cover.

Our products for you: Standard model, MultimedFamily doctor modelHMOTelmed

Basic insurance from CSS

  • CSS Insurance, Arcosana or Intras – the choice is yours. All three companies form part of the CSS Group and offer the very same service
  • Identical benefits: All models provide the same benefits as those of any other Swiss general health insurance company – as prescribed by the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG)
  • myCSS lets you take care of all your insurance matters easily and conveniently
  • Practical in every situation in life – free medical advice, 24/7

Premiums & discounts

The premiums for basic insurance depend on where you live, your age, and what deductible you choose. Your place of residence is assigned to a premium region by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). The costs incurred by clients affect the level of premiums for each of the three providers (CSS Insurance, Arcosana and Intras), which are approved by the FOPH at the end of September each year.

The family doctor model, MultimedHMO and Telmed let you enjoy a premium discount. The law does not allow family discounts are any other form of rebate to be offered on mandatory health insurance.


Further details on mandatory health insurance

We offer five models for you to choose from: The standard model gives you a free choice of doctor. Under the family doctor model, MultimedHMO and Telmed, you decide who your first point of contact in health-related matters will be.

  • All of the benefits at a glance
  • myCSS client portal & myCSS app
  • The contract for basic insurance (i.e. the insurance policy) generally runs for one calendar year and has a 30-day notice period
  • Costs you should expect:
    • Monthly premium as set out in your policy
    • In case of illness: retention fee & co-payment: You pay a fixed sum per calendar year for treatment covered by basic insurance – your chosen deductible and a retention fee of 10% of costs exceeding that deductible, up to a maximum of CHF 700 per calendar year for adults over the age of 18, and CHF 350 for children. With the Multimed model, the maximum retention fee is CHF 400 per calendar year for adults, and CHF 200 for children.

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