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Mandatory basic insurance

Basic insurance is mandatory for everyone who is resident in Switzerland. It provides cover for the statutory basic benefits in case of illness, accident and maternity. CSS Group consists of three companies that offer mandatory health insurance (basic insurance): CSS, Arcosana and Intras.


Mandatory health insurance (standard model)

As the insured person, you are completely free to choose your own doctor within your canton of residence or at your place of work. You are entitled to consult any doctor or specialist directly at any time.

Mandatory health insurance

Alternative insurance models

Alongside the traditional model of basic insurance, CSS also offers three different alternatives. In return for a premium discount, you decide in advance who you will contact first in health-related matters.

Basic insurance cover - your benefits

You receive the same benefits under all four basic insurance models – provided you consult your chosen first point of contact, as agreed. Basic insurance cover is also the same no matter which general health insurance company you choose.

Basic insurance cover

Frequently asked questions

Why don't I pay the same premium when I move?

The Federal Office of Public Health defines the specific premium regions. Health insurance companies are obliged to accept this arrangement with respect to the basic insurance.

Health insurance premiums reflect the general costs of health care. In areas where many medical services are on offer, they are usually more often used. So in urban areas with many medical practices and specialised clinics, expenditure for health is higher than in rural areas where less doctors practise. The difference is substantial.

Is a retention fee charged for children who have basic insurance?

Yes. A retention fee of 10% is charged for children who have basic insurance until they reach the age of 18; the maximum amount charged per calendar year is CHF 350.