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CSS Insurance

Save by optimising premiums

This overview gives you valuable tips on how to optimise your premiums. Health insurance premiums depend on where you live, your age, and what deductible you choose.

Savings on basic insurance

Topic Description Savings potential
Deductible By law, the standard deductible for adults is CHF 300. If you only rarely visit a doctor, it's worthwhile opting for a higher deductible. up to 43%
Alternative models Alternative insurance models are more cost-effective forms of mandatory basic insurance. Depending on the model, the only thing that changes is your first point of contact for health matters. min. 9%
Exclusion of accident cover If you are employed for at least eight hours per week at the same company, you can exclude accident cover from your basic insurance. 7%
Premium reduction Persons living on a modest income are entitled to a cantonal premium reduction. depending on income
Suspension (military) Anyone doing more than 60 consecutive days of military service can suspend their basic insurance during this period. Reimbursement of premiums
Children & young people Children and young people enjoy a premium discount on the adult premiums up to 78%

Savings on supplementary insurance

Topic Description Savings potential
Family discount Families enjoy very attractive discounts if they have both basic and supplementary insurance with CSS. up to 100%
Long-term contract bonus CSS Insurance grants a discount on contracts that run for more than one year. up to 4%
Hospitalisation insurance co-payment Taking out a higher co-payment reduces your premium. up to 50%

Further tips on saving

Topic Description Savings potential
Tax deduction for health costs If the medical costs paid out of your own pocket exceed a certain retention fee, they are tax deductible in most cantons.