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CSS Insurance

Alternative insurance models

When you switch to an alternative insurance model, the only thing that changes for you is the first person you contact with regard to medical matters. The benefits under all basic insurance models are identical, as prescribed by the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG).

The great advantage of alternative insurance models is that you choose who you would like to contact first for medical advice, and receive the corresponding premium discount.

Family doctor model – consult your family doctor first

You always contact a doctor you know and trust – your family doctor – about health matters. They provide primary medical care and, if necessary, will refer you to a relevant specialist. Your family doctor ensures that you always receive the best treatment for you.

Since your familiar doctor knows your needs and medical history, they can treat you promptly and efficiently, according to your personal wishes.

Premium discount when your family doctor provides primary care

Telmed – telephone advice first

No matter what question you have about your health, you contact the Medgate centre for telemedicine, which will provide you with medical advice on behalf of CSS Insurance. You will be advised promptly by medical specialists or doctors and, if necessary, referred to a suitable doctor for treatment.

You benefit from professional initial consultations around the clock, when and where it suits you.

Premium discount when you get initial advice from Medgate

HMO – contact your group practice or doctors' network first

HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organisation, and CSS offers you the HMO Insurance product. Similar to the family doctor model, if you have any health problems you first go to a doctor within your group practice or doctors' network. They will coordinate all aspects of your medical advice and treatment and can provide you with the best advice.

To be eligible for Health Maintenance Organisation Insurance, you must live in an area served by a doctors' network or group practice.

Premium discount when you receive primary care from a doctor within a doctors' network or group practice