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Tax deduction for health costs

You can claim some of your health costs as a tax deduction. Let us give you some tips and show you what health costs you can deduct from your taxes.

Deducting health insurance premiums

Health insurance premiums are only tax deductible to a limited extent. The amount of the deduction is set on a cantonal basis. You can find detailed information in your tax return.

Deducting medical costs

If your medical costs come to more than 5% of your reduced income (income following deduction of all general deductions and expenses), you are allowed to deduct these costs. Medical costs include the amounts you have to pay out of your own pocket.

Tax confirmation

The tax confirmation provides you with all the important details of your medical costs. You can find the tax confirmation directly in your myCSS account or you can order it easily using the relevant form.

Frequently asked questions

Can medical costs not prescribed by a doctor also be deducted?

No. Only treatment that has been prescribed by a doctor counts as a medical expense.

What forms of treatment qualify as medical costs?

Medical costs include measures to maintain or restore physical or psychological health, such as the costs for medical treatment, hospitalisation, medication, glasses and contact lenses, therapies, care, equipment, etc. that are prescribed by a doctor.

Preventive measures (gym membership), the cost of transport to the doctor, beauty treatments, etc. do not qualify as medical costs.

Do the costs of dental treatment also count as medical costs?

Yes, dental treatment qualifies as a medical expense. The following costs may be deducted:

  • cost of remedying dental diseases
  • cost of orthodontic treatment, maxillofacial surgery and dental hygien

Procedures that are purely cosmetic in nature (e.g. bleaching) are not deductible.