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Exclusion of accident cover (suspension of accident cover)

If you work at least 8 hours per week for the same employer then you are insured against occupational and non-occupational accidents. To avoid double insurance, you can exclude accident cover from mandatory basic insurance.

Frequently asked questions

Can I also exclude accident cover during the year?

If you only took up employment part way through the year, for example after time off to have a baby or to study, then you can exclude accident cover at any time with effect from the following month.

I am unemployed at the moment or have just retired. Do I have to have my policy changed?

Yes. Accident cover has to be included under basic insurance because you are no longer insured by your employer for accident risk.

I am unemployed and receive a daily allowance for unemployment. Must I re-include accident cover in my basic insurance?

No. If you receive a daily unemployment allowance you are automatically insured by SUVA for accident.

I've heard there is an extended period of cover. How does that work?

Exactly. If you have given notice to leave your job or if your workload falls below 8 hours per week, you remain insured through your employer for a further 30 days. UVG insurance cover lapses after that.