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Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance

Work incapacity can strike anyone. The reasons can include an illness or accident, as well as maternity. In many cases, this will mean a loss of salary – yet fixed living expenses still need to be paid. Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance fills this gap.

Our product for you: Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance in accordance with the VVG

Benefits of Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance

  • Maintain the living standard you're accustomed to
  • Comprehensive protection against the financial consequences of work incapacity
  • An insurance solution that is geared to your personal financial requirements
  • Benefits start from just 25% work incapacity

Premiums & discounts

The premiums are risk-aligned and take behavioural incentives into account (smoking habits, occupational risks) as well as featuring ways in which to manage the drawing of benefits (waiting period). Enjoy a lower premium by selecting a longer waiting period.

Further details about Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance

Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance will supplement your employer's group daily indemnity insurance up to your full salary. So you can rest assured.

  • You will have to wait a year or even two to receive benefits from a disability or pension fund. Individual Daily Indemnity Insurance offsets this financial shortfall. It provides a solution that specifically addresses the needs of the employee, ensuring that they remain covered.
  • Daily maternity indemnities can be included on an optional basis


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