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Household Expenses Insurance

If you are unable to run your household as a result of illness or accident, you may be faced with additional costs for childcare, meals, laundry and cleaning services, for example. Work incapacity and its consequences can quickly impose a significant financial burden. Household Expenses Insurance covers the proven additional costs that arise in the household and family and helps close the financial gap.

Our product for you: Household Expenses Insurance

Valuable help in the household

  • Cover for additional household expenditures in case of illness and accident (e.g. home help, Spitex, etc.)
  • Daily indemnities of up to CHF 100
  • Maternity benefits with no premium increase
  • Same premiums for men and women


The premiums for Household Expenses Insurance depend on the age of the insured person and on the chosen waiting period. Enjoy lower premiums for Household Expenses Insurance by selecting a longer waiting period. Our client advisors will be happy to meet with you in person in your area.