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myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance

Hospitalisation insurance offers comprehensive cover for inpatient treatment. It is therefore the ideal supplement to basic insurance.

Our product for you: myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance – Economy, Balance or Premium

Comprehensive inpatient cover

  • Free choice of hospital and ward throughout Switzerland, with the exception of hospitals with wards that are not recognised by CSS
  • orldwide cover for emergencies
  • Advantages for expectant mothers: coverage of costs for birth clinics and contributions for home births
  • Advantage for children: 100% family discount with the Economy option

Insured benefits from myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance

What type of cover is important for you? Compare the three categories now and find the right product – closely tailored to your personal needs and budget.

Cover under myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance

Maternity benefits

When choosing the right product, it is important to many women that insurance cover for pregnancy and childbirth is included. We have put together myFlex maternity benefits for you.

Maternity benefits

Additional benefits provided by CSS

Limit your choice of hospital & save 15% on premiums

By choosing the restricted list of hospitals, you can enjoy a 15% premium discount (Economy and Balance options only). However, in doing so you agree to limit your choice of hospital to all publicly subsidised hospitals in Switzerland.

Select your co-payment

The co-payment indicates the share of costs you have to pay out of your own pocket in the event of hospitalisation. Taking out a higher co-payment reduces your premium.

Premiums & family discount

Premiums depend on where you live, your gender and your age. With an Economy plan, children get the full family discount (50% in the case of a Balance or a Premium plan). Our client advisors will be happy to meet with you in person in your area.