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CSS Insurance

Outpatient hospital treatment

More and more surgeries and procedures are being performed on an outpatient basis, i.e. without an overnight stay in hospital. Our insurance reflects that, and offers you exclusive additional benefits under our myFlex Hospitalisation Insurance. It ensures that you can enjoy greater comfort and more privacy during any outpatient procedure.

Outpatient not inpatient

We offer you the following attractive additional benefits so that you can relax and take things easy when you have an outpatient procedure:

Benefits myFlex Balance Hospitalisation Insurance myFlex Premium Hospitalisation Insurance

Free choice of doctor
Free choice of doctor from the list of CSS partner clinics

Free choice of appointment
Benefit from being able to choose your appointment, and get rapid access to the most suitable specialists and hospitals from among CSS’s partner clinics

Privacy in hospital
Enjoy separate waiting and recovery areas

Accommodation options before or after an outpatient procedure at a CSS partner clinic or in a hotel allocated by the hospital concerned

Parking ticket
We’ll pay a share of your parking costs

Towards return travel costs
We’ll pay a share of your travel by public transport or third-party private transport in Switzerland

Max. CHF 900
p. calendar year
Max. CHF 1,400
p. calendar year

List of outpatient treatments

We have put together a list of all of the treatments, tests and procedures that are conducted on an outpatient basis only, and organised them according to specialist area.

Specialist area Treatment | Test | Procedure
Eyes Cataract
Musculoskeletal system Hand surgery
Foot surgery (excl. bunion)
Removal of bone implants (osteosynthesis material)
Knee arthroscopy, incl. meniscus procedures
Heart Cardiac catheter
Vascular surgery Varicose vein treatment
Other vascular reconstruction (excl. coronary)
Surgery Haemorrhoid procedures
Hernia surgery
Gynaecology Cervical procedures
Uterine procedures
Urology Fragmentation of gallstones, urinary and bladder stones using extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy (ECSWL)
Ear–nose–throat (ENT) Tonsillectomy

Offer conditions

You must fulfil the following conditions to benefit from our exclusive additional benefits when receiving outpatient hospital treatment:

  • Available only to those insured under myFlex Balance or myFlex Premium Hospitalisation Insurance
  • CSS maintains a list of partner clinics. The outpatient procedure must be carried out at a CSS partner clinic
  • Benefits are connected with outpatient treatment in Switzerland, and the services must be used immediately before or after an outpatient procedure
  • The procedure in question must be one that is only covered if carried out on an outpatient basis (in accordance with the list)
  • To claim your reimbursement, please use the “Outpatient hospital treatment reimbursement” form