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CSS Insurance

Dental insurance – protection for your teeth

Dental insurance assumes the costs which are not covered by basic insurance, and protects you against the financial consequences of dental procedures.  

Our product for you: Dental Care Insurance

Benefits of Dental insurance

  • Contributions to treatment such as dental hygiene, x-rays and fillings
  • Contributions to orthodontic treatment and check-ups
  • Contributions to dental prosthetics such as crowns, pivot teeth

Premiums & discounts

Premiums depend on your age. Children benefit from a 25% family discount.


Comparing benefits under Dental Care Insurance

What type of cover is important for you? Select the option that suits you best. The options differ in terms of the percentage of invoiced dental costs that is covered, as well as the maximum amount insured per calendar year:

  • Option 50%, max. CHF 1,000/calendar year
  • Option 75%, max. CHF 2,000/calendar year (excl. orthodontic treatment)
  • Option 75%, max. CHF 3,000/calendar year
  • Option 75%, max. CHF 5,000 per calendar year, with a CHF 500 deductible per calendar year

Further details about dental insurance

Healthy teeth and a happy smile are good for our well-being. Yet high dental costs can strain your budget – often to the absolute limit. We've got you completely covered when it comes to your teeth.

  • Dental certificate: to take out Dental Care Insurance, we require a medical certificate confirming that your teeth are in good condition.
  • No dental certificate: Dental Care Insurance can be taken out for children up to the age of 3 without a dental certificate if you choose the 75% option, and with a maximum of CHF 2,000 insured.
  • If you combine Dental Care Insurance with myFlex Outpatient Insurance, we will assume up to 100% of your costs.
  • You become entitled to benefits after a waiting period (qualifying period).
  • The myCSS client portal & the myCSS app help you keep track of all your insurance matters. Any time. Any place.

Do you have any questions?

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