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Dental insurance

Dental insurance assumes the costs which are not covered by basic insurance, and protects you against the financial consequences of dental procedures.

Our product for you: Dental Care Insurance

Comprehensive cover for dental procedures

  • Contributions to treatment such as dental hygiene, x-rays and fillings
  • Contributions to orthodontic treatment and check-ups
  • Contributions to dental prosthetics such as crowns, pivot teeth
  • Advantage for children: 25% family discount

Benefits comparison

What type of cover is important for you? Select the option that suits you best.

Percentage of invoiced dental costs covered by insurance

  • Option 50%, max. CHF 1,000/calendar year
  • Option 75%, max. CHF 2,000/calendar year (excl. orthodontic treatment)
  • Option 75%, max. CHF 3,000/calendar year
  • Option 75%, max. CHF 5,000 per calendar year, with a CHF 500 deductible per calendar year

Health declaration (dental certificate)

To take out Dental Care Insurance, we require a medical certificate confirming that your teeth are in good condition. Children up to the age of 3 are exempted. The Option 75%, max. CHF 2,000 product can be taken out by all, without a dental certificate.

You become entitled to benefits after a waiting period (qualifying period).

Combination discount & teeth-cleaning app

We've got you completely covered when it comes to your teeth. For example, combine Dental Care Insurance with myFlex Outpatient Insurance, and we will pay up to 100% of your bills.

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Our free teeth-cleaning app for iPhones and iPads is a fun tutorial on the right way to clean your teeth.

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Premiums & family discount

Premiums depend on your age. Children benefit from a 25% family discount. Our client advisors will be happy to meet with you in person in your area.