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CSS Insurance

Your health

Health is probably the most greatest asset we have and yet – so far at least – it is something that money cannot buy. We can, however, look after it. We help our clients to do just this with a range of health-related services.

Acute hospitals compared

QualiCheck gives you the opportunity to explore, compare and contrast various hospital quality indicators.


24-hr medical advice

No matter whether you are at home or abroad, as a CSS client you can get round-the-clock free advice on medical issues from the CSS telemedicine centre (phone +41 58 277 77 77).

24-hr emergency and medical advice

Second opinion & care

We offer you supportive supplementary services if you are worried before a major operation, or if you are experiencing a problem.

Medical care programmes

Doctor & Pharmacy

When it comes to seeking advice on health matters, we put our trust in a doctor or pharmacist. Find a doctor or pharmacy near you.

Health advice

Our health raises a lot of questions, such as which hospital we should choose for treatment, which doctor is the best, or whether we should opt for the original form of our medication, or a generic version instead? We'll do our best to help you find the answers.