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Second medical opinion

A second medical opinion means that another impartial doctor not involved in the case will assess your medical situation  before you undergo any planned surgery. A second medical opinion is based on the information contained in your medical files and is intended to help you decide whether or not to go ahead with the operation. Once you've obtained the second medial opinion, the decision is up to you.

Facts on second opinions.

  • Free service for CSS insured persons with a supplementary medical costs insurance
  • For planned, non-emergency procedures
  • Objectivity: Doctor offering second opinion does not administer treatment
  • Collaboration with experts with a proven track record

Online second opinion

  • Duration: 10 days
  • Independent partner
  • For operations involving orthopaedics, vascular and abdominal disease, neurosurgery, and cardiac surgery

How the second opinion works

How the second opinion works

Coordinated by CSS

  • 6–8 weeks
  • Personal consultation with CSS
  • For operations in each medical field
Coordinated by CSS

Get the clarity you need. Preparing for the scheduled operation.

Most operations can be planned, and do not need a quick decision from you. Ask your doctor for plenty of information about your health problem and possible therapies. The questionnaire of CSS will help you to talk to your doctor and to prepare for the time before and after the procedure.