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Anaphylaxis course

Does your child have a life-threatening allergy to nuts? Do you have to take extra precautions against stings during wasp season? Do you always have your emergency kit with you? In the case of a severe allergic reaction, knowing what emergency action to take can mean the difference between life and death.

CSS Insurance has joined forces with the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre to offer an anaphylaxis course for adults, young people, and parents of affected children.

For the time being, this service is available only in German

All the advantages of course

  • Course for the parents of affected children
    The course is held over two evenings. On the first evening, you will learn more ((sufferers will learn more)) about anaphylaxis (also known as anaphylactic shock), become more familiar with the triggers and dangers, and pick up everyday coping tips – no matter whether the reaction is triggered by food, an insect bite or sting, latex or medication. The second evening of the course will look in greater depth at food allergies.

  • Course for adults and young people
    The course for adults and young people is held on one evening. Experts will tell you more about allergies in general, as well as about anaphylaxis and its triggers. You ((Sufferers)) will practice managing emergencies, look at how to put strategies into practice in everyday life, and have your individual questions answered.

Cost coverage

The costs of the anaphylaxis course are met in full by CSS Insurance, providing the individual concerned has supplementary medical costs insurance with CSS or Intras. 

Interested? Here’s what to do

  • Look online for the next course date or, if you have any questions, call the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre direct on 031 359 90 00.
  • The aha! Swiss Allergy Centre will check with CSS that it will cover the costs of the course or holiday camp, and confirm this to you.
  • You take part in the course