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Asthma advice

Do you suffer from shortness of breath? Do you wake in the night or early in the morning due to your asthma symptoms? Do you often use your emergency medication?

In conjunction with medinform Atemwegsapotheken (respiratory pharmacies), CSS Insurance is now offering personal asthma advice, giving you greater confidence in dealing with your illness and thus improving your quality of life.

For the time being, this service is available only in German.

Asthma advice has many advantages

  • Specialised
    The pharmacists at the respiratory pharmacies have recognised additional training in respiratory diseases and work closely with medical specialists.
  • Personal
    The advice is tailored to your needs. For example, specific asthma triggers are explained and you are given a personal treatment plan.
  • Comprehensive
    As well as your inhalation technique, your use of medication will be reviewed along with its impact and a lung function test carried out if it makes sense to do so.

Services & cover

The service offered by CSS Insurance and the respiratory pharmacies is intended to complement your medical treatment and consists of 1-3 counselling sessions.

The costs of asthma advice are met in full by CSS Insurance, provided you are insured with CSS or Intras and have supplementary medical costs insurance.


  • You can drop in at one of the respiratory pharmacies without having to make an appointment. Bring your insurance card with you and set aside 30-60 minutes for the first consultation.
  • The pharmacist uses your insurance card to check whether you have sufficient insurance cover for participation in the programme.
  • Start of the first counselling session.