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Preventing colon cancer at the pharmacy

Colon cancer is the third-most prevalent type of cancer. The risk of developing it rises significantly after the age of 50. That makes it all the more important for you to have a check-up, because if colon cancer is found early, it can often be fully treatable.

CSS Insurance is therefore joining forces with the Swiss pharmacists’ association, pharmaSuisse, to support a programme of colon cancer prevention through pharmacies. A simple stool test enables you to check your personal risk of colon cancer at one of the participating pharmacies.

Colon cancer prevention – the many benefits

In an initial consultation, the pharmacist will review your personal risk of developing colon cancer. There is no need to make an appointment. Where necessary, a stool test will be conducted. This can be done at home. The pharmacist will then discuss the results with you.

Successful treatment
The earlier colon cancer is found, the better the chances of its successful treatment. The cancer develops gradually and can go unnoticed for years. Don't wait until symptoms begin to appear, because by then it will already be quite advanced.

Cost coverage

If you are aged 50 and over, with supplementary medical costs insurance with CSS Insurance or INTRAS, we will cover the costs of the consultation at the pharmacy, and the stool test.

Interested? Here’s what to do

  • You can stop by at one of the participating pharmacies without having to make an appointment. A list of these pharmacies can be found at www.nein-zu-darmkrebs.ch
  • The pharmacist will use a questionnaire to check your personal risk of colon cancer. Then you will either be given a stool test that you can do at home, or the pharmacist will recommend that you make a doctor's appointment.
  • The pharmacist will then discuss the results of the stool test, as well as any further steps, with you personally.
  • As long as you have supplementary medical costs insurance, you will pay nothing at the pharmacy itself.