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Psychological counselling online

Have you been in a depressed mood, worried or feeling listless for some time? Are you struggling with symptoms of anxiety? Or are you experiencing problems at work or in your private life and are no longer able to cope?

The psychological counselling services available online for persons insured with CSS can help you to regain your balance.

For the time being, this service is available only in German.

Written counselling has many advantages

  • Flexible
    You can write about your worries and fears when and where you like.
    During the work week we will reply within 48 hours.
  • Effective
    It usually takes six to eight written exchanges to address a problematic situation.
  • Liberating
    Formulating and writing about a tough situation can already be a help in finding a structured approach to regaining your balance.

Services and cover

You can begin a written dialogue with a psychologist of consultorOnline with a view to developing an approach for tackling a difficult situation.

CSS assumes 80% of the cost of up to eight written exchanges with a counsellor as a single amount, provided you have supplementary health insurance with CSS Group (CSS Insurance, Arcosana, and INTRAS).

Do you need a bit more time? Our partner consultorOnline would be happy to provide you with an offer so that you can find the right solution at your own expense.

How does online counselling work?

  • Once you have registered you will get the access details for the secure domain of the online platform.
  • You can then log in and complete a questionnaire to find out if counselling by means of written dialogue is an option (it is not suitable for every situation and not recommended for an acute crisis or a serious mental illness).
  • CSS Insurance is then asked for a commitment to provide cover.
  • You can start to get counselling as soon as confirmation has been obtained from CSS.

Confidentiality, data privacy and data security are a top priority for us and our partner consultorOnline. The dialogue between you and the psychologists takes place only in the secure domain, and no information on the content of what was discussed is shared with CSS Insurance.