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CSS Insurance

Health advisor

Today's healthcare system offers you a whole variety of choices, and it is often difficult to know what to do for the best. Which hospital should you choose for treatment? Which doctor is the best? Is there a generic version of your medication? We'll do our best to make things clearer for you.

Original medication vs. generic form

Are you unsure which medication is right for you? Are you interested in a generic version? We have tried to put together all that you need to know.

Medical aids

What are medical aids, and are they covered by the insurance?


Alternatives to conventional medicine

Are you looking for alternatives to conventional medicine, or are you already a convert to complementary approaches? We have compiled summaries of all of the methods that CSS recognises under its Alternative Insurance.

Complementary medicine

Health brochures

Are you interested in reading up on effective protection from the sun, or the best way to use household remedies? Download or order our brochures now.