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Household Insurance – Protecting your household

Household Insurance insures your property, and assumes the costs of replacing your entire household contents in the event of damage by natural forces, or loss as a result of fire, theft, water damage or glass breakage. This insurance cover is not only valid at home, but also when you are travelling.

Our product for you: Household Contents Insurance

Advantages of Household Insurance

  • Comprehensive cover for all your household contents at new-for-old value (incl. bicycles and sports equipment)
  • Individual insurance solutions tailored to your needs
  • All persons who live together with the policyholder in the same household are included in the insurance, regardless of age
  • Free legal advice by phone in all fields of Swiss law
  • In an emergency, we will also support you around the clock and arrange for assistance
  • One number for all cases: 0844 277 888  

Premiums & discounts

Premiums vary depending on the chosen sum insured and the contract term. As you are already insured with CSS Group, you benefit from a 10% customer discount. We also reward insurance years in which no claims are made by awarding an attractive no-claims discount. Young adults under 25 start already with a 10% no-claims discount and get an additional 10% discount for young people.

Further details about Household insurance

Household Contents Insurance protects your belongings and that of your family and all other persons living with you in the same household.

  • Insured claims:
    • Fire: Fire, smoke, lightning, explosion and implosion, falling aircraft and spacecraft or parts thereof, damage through scorching
    • Natural forces: Avalanche, storm, hail, snow pressure, flooding and high water, landslide, rock fall and rock slide
    • Theft: Burglary, robbery and simple theft, malicious damage to property (vandalism) during burglaries, damage to property, even in cases where nothing is stolen
    • Water damage: Flooding inside buildings caused by mains water, rain, snow, melting snow, ground water, blocked drains and by water beds, aquariums, oil from heating systems or oil tanks
  • In addition, you can insure household contents against damage (household contents accidental damage cover), earthquake, simple theft away from home and glass breakage, and take out cover for the misuse and blocking service for customer, credit, bank, post office and SIM cards
  • Persons insured with the CSS Group can also view their policy in the myCSS client portal


In the event of a claim you can get assistance 24/7

Report your claim simply online. We will then contact you to discuss the next steps.

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