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Learning from customer feedback

Every piece of feedback provided by our customers through the satisfaction surveys conducted by text message, email and phone is read by us and dealt with systematically. This allows us to bring our in-house view into line with customer expectations. We then develop measures to enhance customer satisfaction. Two employees talk about how they learn from customer feedback:

Thats what our customers say

«The customer service representative spoke excellent english, understood my request immediately and also correctly estimated the time it will take to resolve my request. Perfect experience.»

J. J. from B., 23.11.2017

«I am very pleased with the person on the phone, very polite and competent.»

O. B. from W., 06.11.2017

«All my questions were answered in a professional friendly manner. I understood how and why it would be advantageous to change my policy.»

K. O. from V., 01.11.2017

Experience with client feedback – two members of the CSS staff tell their stories

Ingrid Müller, Serviceline agent in Kriens

Ingrid Müller, Contact Center agent in Kriens

«I really value customer feedback. It helps me to understand what impression I make on customers and then adapt my approach accordingly. It's by no means unusual for me to finish a call with the feeling that the customer is happy, which then turns out not to be the case.

Customer feedback is a regular topic of discussion among those of us who work on the Contact Center. Most of the feedback we receive from customers is positive. That's not only motivating, it also shows us what we're doing right and means we can deliberately employ the right kind of behaviour. I find it important to listen carefully to exactly what the customer is saying. Customer feedback is a daily incentive for us to make our contact with the customer the best experience of the day.»

René Wigger, general agent in Zurich

René Wigger, general agent in Zurich

«For me, customer feedback, whether good or bad, is an important vehicle that allows us to enhance the customer experience even more effectively. Feedback lets me identify trends, see what is going well and not so well, so that I can then sit down with my team and determine the right measures to take. In my experience, we can really learn a great deal by listening to unsatisfied customers in particular.»