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Reduction of premium regions

In its comprehensive "Gesundheit2020" (health2020) report, the Federal Council announced its intention of simplifying the health insurance system. One way in which it proposes to achieve this is by scrapping, or at least harmonising, the number of premium regions within cantons. To this end, it launched a consultation process in autumn 2016 on proposals to change the premium regions from a municipality-based system to a district-based one. CSS flatly rejects an adjustment of this nature, as the actual cost differences between municipalities would no longer be taken into account. For more than half of all persons insured with CSS, this would mean paying higher premiums without being able to make greater use of medical services. CSS considers these circumstances unacceptable.

CSS Insurance is convinced that any differences in costs within cantons must be reflected in the level of premiums. If health insurance companies were no longer allowed to reflect these cost differences through variations in regional premiums as is presently the case, this would lead to a higher cross-subsidisation by insured persons in rural areas of high-cost regions (especially the cities) that make greater use of medical services. The (restricted) true cost pricing which currently prevails has a positive influence on cost trends as it strengthens cost awareness among the insured. CSS is open to any form of system optimisation that is based on the costs incurred at the local, municipal level.