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Measures to rein in costs

Per capita healthcare costs continue to rise at rates that by far outstrip the cost of living and wage growth. As a result, an increasing number of insured persons find themselves struggling to pay their monthly premiums. At the same time, many cantons are increasingly withdrawing from the premium reduction system in an attempt to make savings.

That is why CSS Insurance welcomes the discussion launched in 2017 on suitable measures for reining in costs within the mandatory healthcare insurance (OKP) system. It therefore actively supports the implementation of measures from the report produced by the group of experts appointed by the Federal Council to recommend action on the subject.

In this respect, it is essential that new cost containment measures are discussed openly along with targets for OKP growth. Measures of this kind strengthen the tariff partnership by increasing the pressure on tariff partners to enter into agreements that place greater emphasis on cost-effectiveness, thus reining in cost growth. The tariff partners have failed in their negotiations to bring costs under control, despite repeated statements of intent to the contrary. The current operating conditions and tariffs can do nothing to stem volume growth and therefore cost growth. And the authorities are not fully living up to their responsibility and statutory remit to act in favour of the insured persons when it comes to HTAs or administered prices.

CSS is convinced that cost containment measures should be employed on a subsidiary basis if the actors in the healthcare sector fail to achieve progress in eliminating inefficiencies and poor quality or in agreeing a way forward on volumes and prices that reins in cost growth. There is no doubt that costs cannot continue for much longer to develop at current growth rates.

You can find further information on the topic of measures to rein in costs on health policies "im dialog" 3/2017 (in German).