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Accreditation / steering of outpatient services

CSS welcomes a long-term approach to the recognition of outpatient service providers, which contributes both to quality and cost containment – especially in the context of shifting volumes from inpatient to outpatient treatment. However, a distinction must be made between accreditation (i.e. approval) and steering. When it comes to approving service providers for practice in a certain area, clear criteria are required with regard to basic and continuing training, language skills and the use of electronic patient dossiers. In relation to steering, on the other hand, finding the right combination of security of provision and competition is key. Therefore, CSS welcomes the idea of letting the cantons set lower and upper steering limits, and introducing a free choice of tariff partner. This would guarantee the security of service provision while also creating competition amongst providers and insurers.

We would also like to point out that service provision quality standards should not be regulated by means of the draft approval procedure. The act on quality is better suited to this purpose, and mixing the two issues will merely create legal uncertainties.