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Employee portraits

At CSS Insurance people work in a wide variety of different functions. Read on to find out more about some of these areas:

«Experiencing appreciation personally.»

Tom Vondrak, client advisor, the Wädenswil agency
Tom Vondrak, client advisor, the Zurich agency

«For me, successful client meetings and the many client contacts I have are always personal highlights. They motivate me each day to give my best. This undoubtedly also contributes to the friendly environment that CSS offers its employees. I feel that I'm being taken seriously and respected here. There are also opportunities to learn new things, and I appreciate the support I get in order to develop further. As one of the largest health insurers in Switzerland, CSS can offer its employees a lot of interesting professional opportunities.»

«Experiencing personal support / being there personally for clients.»

Susana Quintais, member of the Contact Center staff, Lausanne-Vennes
Susana Quintais, member of the Contact Center staff, Lausanne-Vennes

«I always enjoy being there for our clients, answering their questions and offering them support. And I always try to find the best solution for them. I'm naturally an outgoing person, which is something that clients also notice over the phone. My employer, too, appreciates what I do and supports me in my development. I now also work as a coach and actively contribute in training and developing new employees. CSS does a lot to provide its staff with professional opportunities, something that's also in their interest. After all, we all share the same goal of continuing to increase client satisfaction.»

«Contributing personally to the larger picture.»

Pascal Pillet, Head of Underwriting, Lausanne-Vennes
Pascal Pillet, Head of Underwriting, Lausanne-Vennes

«Because of my hobby as a runner, I tend to move a lot – the very thing I also like about my employer. The ability to adjust to new situations and conditions again and again is one of the major strengths of CSS. I find it very inspiring to be surrounded daily by experts who work toward common solutions, evaluate risks and decide on whether or not to offer supplementary insurance, for example. CSS has also prepared me fully for my management responsibilities: All line managers have the option to attend the courses they need. We have challenging goals that we want to reach together, and contributing to the larger picture is always exciting for me and provides a lot of personal satisfaction.»