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CSS Insurance

Specialisation in application development

Neela K., IT specialist in apllication development

Federal VET Diploma IT trainees who specialise in application development focus on realising software solutions. They analyse what the customer wants and document this in a concept. They then programme and test the software, before ultimately training users.

At CSS, you will gain an exciting, varied and extensive insight into the work of an application developer, during which you will receive strong support from our vocational trainers and on-the-job coaches.

ICT basic year "Splitting" model

For the Federal VET Diploma, CSS Insurance trains its IT specialists in application development in accordance with the ICT basic year "Splitting" model.

This model enables CSS Insurance to give its trainees the best possible start to working life and ensures they receive a thorough grounding in programming.

As a trainee, you will spend the first semester of your first year and fourth semester of your second year at full-time classroom instruction in Adligenswil (Lucerne), where you will work in small groups on interesting projects and so pick up the basics required in your dream job. In the second semester of your first year, third semester of your second year and in the third and fourth years of your apprenticeship, you will work as part of a team at CSS Insurance, where you will be supervised by an on-the-job coach.

The basic-year classroom instruction will be paid in full by CSS Insurance and you will naturally also receive a salary during this period.


Duration of training 4 years
Location of training
CSS head office, Lucerne
Classroom instruction 1st and 2nd year – 2 days a week
3rd and 4th year – 1 day a week
BBZ Wirtschaft, Informatik und Technik Business School in Sursee (Lucerne)
Vocational Baccalaureate Additional option of preparing for the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate alongside work-based training

You will be provided with a notebook during your four-year apprenticeship at CSS, which you may use for private and business purposes. This apprentice laptop should create the ideal conditions for innovative training.


Are you quick to grasp new concepts, and open to new ideas? Are you used to working on your own? Do you have team spirit and good school grades in the natural sciences, mathematics, English and German? Then a career as an IT specialist with Federal VET Diploma is just what you are looking for – apply now for one of our popular apprenticeships.