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Polygraphic specialist

Carmen S., Polygraphic specialist

As a polygraphic specialist with Federal VET Diploma, you ensure that print and screen media have an attractive layout and are available for further editing in the correct data form. You therefore work at the interface between design and production. You prepare texts, pictures, graphics and illustrations on the computer in such a way that they are error free, easy to follow and convincingly structured. In addition, you are responsible for ensuring that data can be correctly printed or viewed on screen.


Duration of training 4 years
Location of training
CSS head office, Lucerne
Classroom instruction 1 ½ days per week
Work-related classroom subjects
  • Defining the design specifications
  • Creating and preparing media publications that are fit for purpose
  • Using your first national language
  • Using your second national language
  • Ensuring health and safety at work and environmental protection
Vocational Baccalaureate Additional option of preparing for the Federal Vocational Baccalaureate alongside work-based training


Do you have a feeling for form and colour and a flair for design? Do you have a good imagination and like working with computers? Are you quick to grasp things? If you are also patient, possess stamina and are able to work precisely, on your own, then we look forward to receiving your application.