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Join the country’s leading basic insurer today and become part of a team that’s shaping the future of healthcare. You’ll enjoy lots of freedom and benefit from a culture of appreciation.

Application process

The CSS Group works with a professional applicant management platform. You can personalise your online application by uploading your CV, a cover letter describing your motivation and further documents including your certificates and references.

We give all applications careful consideration. If you make it through to the shortlist, we’ll invite you to a first interview. 

First interview:

The first interview is usually conducted by an HR specialist and the line manager in question. The aim is to get to know one another: Do you fit in at CSS, and can we offer you the tasks and workplace environment you are looking for? During the interview, you will be given the chance to talk about your previous experience. We generally finish by enquiring about your salary expectations.

Second interview:

If we invite you back for a second interview, we will discuss your subject-matter expertise in detail and answer any questions you may still have. You will also get to find out more about the job and our employment conditions. You may even be introduced to the team.

After the second round of interviews, we ask for references and carry out any assessments required for the position.

Interview tips

  • Be prepared
    Good preparation is the foundation for a successful interview. What motivates you to work in this particular job? What would you like to know by the end of the interview? What is important to you? Make a note of your questions and gather information about CSS.
  • Be yourself
    Be honest, natural and, above all, be yourself. This is the only way for both of us to find out whether you fit in with us and we fit in with you.
  • We're interested in what makes you unique
    Think about all the experience that you have already gained, about personal challenges, and special moments in your career. Tell us about them! The interview is supposed to be a dialogue. Take advantage of that and open up to your interviewers. And don't miss out on the opportunity to learn as much as possible by asking questions.

Why CSS?

There are many good reasons to come and join CSS Insurance! Find out more now about what we have to offer and gain insights into life at CSS by browsing the employee portraits and videos.