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Im dialog

This health policy publication from CSS is aimed at decision-makers in the healthcare sector. It appears three times a year in German and French.

The healthcare system. Focal point: how can we limit the rise in costs?

im dialog (in German)

"Growth" is a term with generally positive connotations. Growth means getting bigger and thriving. Yet what we welcome when it comes to flowers has a very different interpretation in the healthcare industry: the growth in costs has always been a negative by-product of the development of the health sector. It places household and public-sector budgets alike under ever-greater strain, and damages solidarity. If we miss the chance to change course before it is too late, we will endanger the long-term survival of our solidarity-based healthcare system. That is why, in the next issue of "im dialog", CSS Insurance is launching the search for effective ways to limit the rise in costs.

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